Obama's Legacy: Hope on the Ropes

Barack Obama entered office proposing and then passing a Stimulus Plan that was breathtakingly ambitious. This legislation constituted "the greatest increase in government spending in world history".  The explicit goal was to halt the serious and precipitous decline of the American economy.  One of the central promises of this plan was to slow and then reverse the unemployment rate that had been creeping up at an increasingly alarming rate.  Prior to the Stimulus' passage Obama assured a concerned nation that unemployment would go up to 8% and shortly begin a decline.And then the American people, comforted by this assurance, stepped back and waited for the magic to happen.  Seven months later they are still waiting.Predicting a President's legacy in the seventh month of his first (and only?) forty-eight month term may seem a bit premature but the momentum of this President's economic policies seems inexorable.  In January of this year when Obama...(Read Full Article)