Obama the Great Divider

In one of life's delicious ironies, the President, who campaigned as the Great Uniter, is worsening the split between the right and left and losing support in the process.  Ordinary Americans, typically apolitical, are choosing sides -- and more are choosing the side of freedom every day.  Lovers of liberty should rejoice.Division gets a bum rap.  Imagine for a minute if Mr. Obama were able to unite Americans behind his radical agenda.  We wouldn't just have bank bailouts and auto industry takeovers and a pork-laden stimulus, but, in short order, we'd have Cap and Trade and healthcare reform, Obama-style.  We'd have Card Check and a new Fairness Doctrine.  Without a partisan divide, without dissent, without Americans fervent for freedom, the needle on the liberty to tyranny meter would swing more decidedly toward tyranny.  That's not to say that the President and Congressional Democrats haven't done damage to a divided America.  Debt and...(Read Full Article)