Obama Is Redefining the American Presidency

"The fact of the matter here is that President Obama believes a huge federal government can bring relief and prosperity to the American people. But many Americans do not believe that."  - Bill O'Reilly, September 14, 2009 "Talking Points" commentary on the September 12th March in Washington, D.C. and President Obama's healthcare plan.It's time we question the popular assumption that the power of the Presidency should "bring relief and prosperity" to the American people, as well as the belief that that goal ranks high on Obama's agenda.  FOX's Bill O'Reilly recently touched on a common misunderstanding of the role of the American Presidency. It's not about bringing relief and prosperity to the American people. It's about preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution that enables the people to build their own prosperity. The assumption is wrong on two counts. First, the freedoms delineated in the Constitution enable Americans to strive...(Read Full Article)