Meryl's Mad Green Meanderings about Julia

In the new movie "Julie & Julia," Meryl Streep does well portraying the late Julia Child, but one can say Streep also benefits from her subject.  The much-loved food author and pioneering television chef had a vibrant personality and passion about preparing food that made millions of Americans welcome her into their kitchens. It's likely that no matter who played Julia in a biopic, her legions of fans would have flocked to the theaters.So it is strange that Streep seems so ungrateful to Child in an interview with the U.K. newspaper the Telegraph. She berates Child for disagreeing with her on boosting organic foods and criticizing fats, proclaiming that Child was "seduced" by a "front organization for agro-business and petrochemical business."Streep apparently still has a grudge against Child for refusing to lend her support to Streep's fringe enviro group Mothers and Others for Pesticide Limits. That group was one of the leading promoters of...(Read Full Article)