Disarmament for All (Except the UN)

In the midst of one of the greatest existential threats of our times, President Obama is pursuing severe reductions in US military strength.  His recent statements at the United Nations have merely added fuel to the fire. When combined with his pledge to reduce US nuclear weapons stockpiles by 80 percent, a clear pattern emerges. These actions would seem irrational, even by Obama's standards, if they weren't in keeping with a 50-year old strategy aimed at unilaterally disarming the United States in order that a "progressively strengthened" UN Peace Force might be established. This idea has been steadily advanced during both Republican and Democrat administrations alike.Our nation's 50-year obsession with disarmament began during the Kennedy Administration.  Disarmament Adviser to President Kennedy John J. McCloy, who held the distinction of being Chairman of the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations and Chase-Manhattan Bank, authored Freedom From War: The United...(Read Full Article)