Challenging the Torah of Liberalism

Norman Podhoretz's extraordinary new book --"Why Are Jews Liberals?" - is a reflection on the question he says he has been asked more often than any other:  why do so many Jews cling to the Left and vote in such extraordinary percentages for the Democratic Party?  The book offers an historical and cultural analysis, addressing in the first half how the Jews became liberals and in the second half why they still are.  Podhoretz concludes with a chapter devoted to "what I believe really explains why American Jews are still committed to liberalism" -- and it is an answer that goes far beyond the usual explanations involving the Jewish commitment to repairing the world, the historic anti-Semitism on the Right, and the heritage of FDR.  Those explanations are relevant, but in the end insufficient.  Podhoretz is after a deeper answer, something that will explain the propensity of Jews to vote regularly against what might well be perceived as their...(Read Full Article)