By the Book: How Democracies Perish

Exaggerated self-criticism would be a harmless luxury of civilization if there were no enemy at the gate condemning democracy's very existence. But it becomes dangerous when it portrays its mortal enemy as always being in the right. Extravagant criticism is a good propaganda device in internal politics. But if it is repeated often enough, it is finally believed. And where will the citizens of democratic societies find reasons to resist the enemy outside if they are persuaded from childhood that their civilization is merely an accumulation of failures and a monstrous imposture?  - Jean Francois Revel, How Democracies Perish"Extravagant criticism" and "Exaggerated self-criticism" are perhaps the best descriptions for one of the fundamental strategies used by America's radical left to gain and keep power. This ever-present ploy is used at every level, from the White House to town hall meetings, to deceive, manipulate and control our restive citizens. It has...(Read Full Article)