A Beau Geste: the 9/11 Tear Drop Memorial

It's a tough world out there, an ugly world... even brutal at times. Things happen -- wars, famine, storms, terror, alphabet soup illnesses ala H1N1, society-destroying debt, political systems in need of rehabilitation. We're buffeted on the right and pummeled on the left and too often take it on the chin. Only occasionally does the world community engage cooperatively to aid or ameliorate the effects of these "bad things". And even less frequent are enduring beaux gestes -- beautiful, noble gestures, often in futile causes. Gestures that are offered without solicitation to honor those persons, those peoples impacted by said trauma. This epistle, Beau Geste, touches on 9/11 and a gracious gesture that occurred years later that is associated with America's tragedy. We'll set the table with care leading to the revelation of this beau geste we speak of.If you have tears, prepare to shed them now - William ShakespeareOne of the most expressive human gestures is the tear....(Read Full Article)