Will You Still Need Me, When I'm Sixty-four?

There is a great intelligence at work in Washington, but we've failed to recognize it. I know that I have. And for that I apologize.We know that Social Security is unsustainable because fewer and fewer workers are paying into the system to support more and more retirees. It is, as it was from Day One, a pure, a classic Ponzi scheme masquerading as a pension plan.For decades, government commissions have repeatedly recommended increasing the retirement age. Everyone agrees that the system will soon run out of money.Quietly -- without fanfare -- our President, Barack Obama, has come up with an inspired, brilliant solution: encouraging Americans to continue to pay into Social Security while discouraging Americans from asking for Social Security checks.ObamaCare's rules and regulations will cause every American to rethink the idea of being retired. ObamaCare will steer health resources toward "productive" Americans, and away from society's...(Read Full Article)