The View from Planet Reid

"He looks as though he has been weaned on a pickle." - Alice Roosevelt Longworth on Calvin CoolidgeAlthough President Coolidge's demeanor was serially dour, compared to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Silent Cal beamed like a canary-filled feline.  Long-suffering Nevadans have had to view Reid's mopey mug in the local newspapers since 1967. Surely after 42 years Silver Staters qualify for some sort of federal relief. It looks increasingly as though that relief will come as a result of the 2010 election. Reid first attained national office in 1982, after being elected to Congress during the political equivalent of baseball's expansion draft.  Prior to 1980, Nevada had but a single representative in Congress.  Due to rapid population growth in the Casino State, an additional seat was added after the 1980 census.  So Nevada had to dip down into the minor leagues and bring up a rookie better suited to the bush leagues. Reid is now serving his 4th term...(Read Full Article)