The Myth of the Expert

Last week Steve McIntyre of the Climate Audit website cracked the walls of the fortress at Britain's Climatic Research Unit.  A "mole" sent him a sample of global temperature data that CRU Director Dr. Phil Jones had refused to share with the climate audit community.  By Sunday Christopher Booker had reported the news in the Daily Telegraph.For some reason government scientists like Dr. Jones that get millions in government research grants are considered to be disinterested experts.  Yet anyone who has ever taken a dime from an oil company is bought and paid for.Of course that is nonsense.  To politicians, scientists are just another interest group competing for favors.  It's pay to play.  To get their grant money scientists need to deliver science that helps argue for bigger government.  And they do, especially in the climate sciences. Climate scientists like Michael Mann of Penn State University and the "Hockey Stick," James...(Read Full Article)