Tell The Government: 'Out Of Our Light'

After Alexander the Great had conquered Greece, he was besieged by visitors; businessmen, politicians and scholars came from across the Greek isles to kiss the ring of the new king, and to wish him well on his coming Persian campaigns.But Diogenes, the famous Cynic philosopher, was not among the supplicants.  So Alexander sought him out, and found Diogenes lying in the sun.  Introducing himself as king of all the Greeks, Alexander asked if there was anything he could grant."Yes," replied Diogenes.  "You can get out of my light."Alexander was so taken by this response that he was heard to remark, as he left the philosopher to his sun-bath, "If I were not Alexander, I would be Diogenes."Thus the famous Cynic told the man who offered him anything that he already had everything -- his freedom.Now, President Obama and his supplicants in Congress are offering the citizens of the United States, if not anything, then quite a lot.  They are...(Read Full Article)