Race profiteers are the true enemies of black America

In my youth, I lived a wild and crazy life; drugs, women and partying, basically 24/7. Scholarships permitted me to attend art college where I hung with hippies. While the hippies preached peace and love, most were extremely angry at America. There I was, a black student from the ghetto of east Baltimore, who could not figure out what these spoiled white kids from well to do families were so p-o-ed about. However, their philosophy was free love and drugs. So, I said, "Right on!"I grew weary of my lifestyle and asked God to help me. He did. I was so excited about my new life, I wanted to share the good news of Jesus Christ with everyone. This led me to join a prison ministry; talk about a "captive" audience. I was sadden and stunned by the large number of young black men in prison. Many were bright and gifted in many areas. Yes, they had "issues". Catastrophically, their biggest problem was their negative attitudes and beliefs about America. Black...(Read Full Article)