Obama's Karmic Freight Train

Confucius once remarked that a state rests on three pillars: food, military, and trust.  If a leader were forced to give up one of the pillars, asked a disciple, which one would it be?  Confucius answered: "Military."  Compelled to abandon another pillar, inquired the disciple, which one should the leader choose?  "Food" answered Confucius.  In the end, says Confucius, a state's most indispensible resource is trust.American citizens were asked during the 2008 presidential campaign to trust a candidate who refused to release his academic records, college transcripts, and a detailed original birth record.  We were also told to trust a man whose mentors and associates included a racist anti-American pastor and a former domestic terrorist who takes pleasure in literally stomping on the American flag.  Topping it all off was the image of patriotic American citizens being asked to trust a presidential candidate whose own wife disparaged...(Read Full Article)