Obamacare-Point and Counterpoint

Mr. Obama has gone back on the campaign trail to try to sell his health care reform to the nation.  Mostly hand-picked, sympathetic attendees have been showing up to his town hall meetings.  He continues to make the same points regarding health care reform, which need to be addressed specifically.  I hope to address more in future articles.1. We need health care reform.We do not need health care reform.  We have the best health care system in the world.  We need health insurance reform.2. Free market health insurance has caused our current problem.It is the government that has caused the current problem.  We have not had free market health insurance in this country since 1965.  It is not possible to consider our system of medical payment free market when the government controls $.60 of every dollar spent on health care.3. The evil and greedy health insurance companies have caused prices to skyrocket.Again, it's the government that has caused prices...(Read Full Article)