ObamaCare and Bush League Democrats

There's more than justice to the nationwide backlash against President Obama's healthcare putsch.  There's a delicious irony.The President, a down-to-his-toes rabble-rouser, has admirably roused the American rabble.  Except not quite as intended.  He and the rest of the statist vanguard have run headlong into a cosmic law: the Law of Unintended Consequences.Not even the late master rabble-rouser and con artist extraordinaire, Saul Alinsky, could account for the unaccountable.  But the gaping difference between the President and the rascally Alinsky is that Alinsky had sort of a genius for playing the angles.  In other words, Alinsky could hit curveballs.  Mr. Obama is a dead-on fastball hitter.  If all you can hit are fastballs, chances are, you won't make it to the big leagues, or, if you do, you won't last long.  Fastball hitters whiff a lot.                ...(Read Full Article)