Obama and the Upchuck Factor

Among the most powerful psephological tools available to political strategists and commentators is the well-known Upchuck Factor.  Never heard of it?  I'm surprised.The Upchuck Factor is, quite simply, the length of time it takes the US voter to decide that s/he's "had enough" of the Democrats.  And it looks like this year it is hitting a new record.You may have been taught in school, for instance, that the American people loved Franklin Delano Roosevelt so much that they would have gone on voting for him forever.  In fact the American people demonstrated in the mid-term election of 1938 that they were ready to upchuck him and all his works.  The 1938 elections featured an 81-seat gain in the House of Representatives for the Republicans.  Figure that FDR's Upchuck Factor was 6.What was the problem in 1938?  It wasn't that complicated.  After six years of political bombast and war on the private sector -- and after FDR gunned the...(Read Full Article)