No Father in the Home -- Obama's Story

As I have documented in my book The BIG Black Lie, there are certain parallels between my life and the life of Barack Obama.  Like Obama, I wasn't raised by my biological father.  Both our mothers remarried when we were young, and for a short time we were raised by our stepfathers.  Finally upon the death of our mothers we would both eventually be raised by our grandparents.Obama had Dreams from my Father, a man with whom he spent his first two years of life.  In his book, Obama paid tribute to the man who abandoned him and his mother, and appears to have vivid memories of his father through stories told of the man by his mother and her parents.   Really?Thankfully for me, I do not have such memories of my family life at that time.  I can only imagine the dysfunction my father created in our lives, since my father was a contemptible animal -- a smooth criminal, unworthy of any adulation from me or anybody else. The real contrast of our parallel lives...(Read Full Article)