My Global Warming Epiphany

Global warming is a complicated subject.  It therefore takes a lot of hubris or ignorance to think you can explain either the "for" or "against" case in a few hundred words.  But I stumbled onto some data that meets my "keen grasp of the obvious" threshold for understanding.Recall that we really need to answer "yes" to four separate questions before we join the Al Gore religion of "sign the treaty immediately or we will all die."(1) Is the globe getting warmer?(2) If so, is man doing it?(3) If so, is it bad?(4) If so, is the massive-reductions-in-CO2 approach the best way to deal with it?You might have seen such questions before, but they frequently get mixed up in public discussions.  For example, some people imply that if the answer to (1) is "yes", then the answer to (4) must be "yes" as well.  If the temperature graph is going up, destroy your SUV.  Or at least switch light...(Read Full Article)