Is Vancouver in your Healthcare Future?

The droning sound you hear is President Obama reassuring you that healthcare reform has nothing to do with rationing.  Budget limits won't bust your medical care.  Keep your family doctor, he says.  The doctor-patient relationship is inviolate.  No take-a-ticket healthcare for you.    Not so in Vancouver, British Columbia, where a leaked report indicates that the health authority is considering massive cuts in surgeries.  The authority needs to do so to offset a $200 million budget shortfall.  As many as 6,000 surgeries could be whacked to balance the budget.  Nothing major, of course.  Neurological and vascular surgeries, among others.  Brains and veins are about on par with breast implants and liposuction.  Aren't they?      Vancouver's quandary is a glimpse at America's future, if the President's statist gambit succeeds.       What did President Obama say about...(Read Full Article)