Iran's Bomb: A Done Deal?

Iran's nuclear weapons development is a done deal, according to a TV interview with a retired high Egyptian official at the UN nuclear agency, the IAEA.  They can make a bomb whenever they want to. Once they make the decision to enrich uranium it could take one or two years, as they choose.  As shown by MEMRI TV, coming from Egypt's Channel 1:  Yousri Abu Shadi: "The question should be whether it (Iran) is capable of doing this (making a nuclear bomb). Yes. Technically speaking, it is capable of it. If Iran wants to produce nuclear bombs within a short period of time, it can. It's over. They have been enriching uranium for two years now, and by now they have more than 7,000 centrifuges, which produce tons of enriched uranium, but to a low percentage. If they complete  the process, they will produce uranium enriched to whatever percentage they want - 90% or more. At the moment, they enrich uranium to 5%. We must admit that Iran is..." Interviewer:...(Read Full Article)