Introducing the Tenth Amendment

As gratifying as the results of the popular uproar over Obama-Care have been, so too, distressing has been the level and substance of arguments used by a populace on the right side of things. Town Hall Meeting cries of "I want my country back!" and " No to death panels!" may stir the passions of us right-wing extremists but the dearth of meaningful follow-up betrays, it is to be feared, a distinct misreading of the extent of actual conservative sentiment. Unfortunately, apart from the fun sound bites, the anger exhibited is frequently based on a particular outrage, sometimes one of degree, involving specifics of the various proposals, or questions about procedures, about Granny's hip replacement. The frightening suspicion remains that these particular questions may be answered by slick politicians (as they eventually get their bearings) and result into the all-too-common accommodations we have seen repeatedly in the past, Republican style me-too-ism, that will...(Read Full Article)