Health Insurance and the Lure of Someone Else

Insurance is all about "someone else" paying your bills.However, if everyone's healthcare bills were the same, if our bodies failed and expired in the same way and on the same schedule, if our little lives were as predictable as those of the adult mayfly, we wouldn't have a health insurance industry. Insurance makes sense only if it's for the unpredictable.But we are not a uniform species like the mayfly. Our bodies differ dramatically. Some folks are rarely sick; one day their bodies simply stop, incurring little if any cost to the insurance industry and government treasuries. Healthy people are all alike, perhaps a bit like the mayfly. Sick folks are all different. And the variety of ailments they suffer from beggar the imagination. Some have multiple degenerative diseases, all at the same time. Some are basket cases from birth.If everyone had absolutely wretched health, would Congress be so intent on insuring us all? It is because there are only a few of us who have truly...(Read Full Article)