Fixing Government's Health Care Mess With Our Money

Last week the president's health care reform ran off into the ditch.  This week,  in a flurry of flashing lights, the Beltway wrecker will doubtless try to haul it back up on the legislative highway.  The mainstream media will take a look and declare that it as good as new.  But we all know that after you have run a car up on the sidewalk or into a ditch it is never quite the same again.It is instructive to watch President Obama talk to the American people using center-right language about choice and incentives -- "let me be clear about this.'"  But he is talking not about choices and markets but about a comprehensive and mandatory administrative program of staggering complexity.  It will not deliver choice and efficiency; it will not deliver more health care for more people with less money.  It will further rigidify and constrain health care options and, where it subsidizes use of health care resources, run up the costs.Some people have...(Read Full Article)