Demolition Man: Building the Anti-America

Barack Obama is proving himself to be a destructive nihilist with capitalism, the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and the traditional American experience in his crosshairs.In today's American culture there are other sorts of nihilism. Pop culture nihilists much more common, comprising a virtual demographic segment of self-satisfied know-nothings. Destructive nihilists are rarer, but more fearsome. They believe western civilization is so corrupt that wholesale destruction is the only solution.Nihilism, while easily abused by the casual thinker, is actually both political, and in a thunderingly empty way, deeply spiritual. Russian author Ivan Turgenev's character Bazarov explains in Fathers and Sons that a "nihilist is a person who does not bow down to any authority and who does not accept any principle on faith" because "conditions in the social organization are so bad as to make destruction desirable for its own sake, independent of any constructive program or...(Read Full Article)