Cuba's Healthcare a model for the U.S. says CNN

Good thing for us that Rich Noyes of The Media Research Center keeps on eye on CNN. Good thing for CNN too. Given the latest Nielsen ratings (that finds them 17th during prime time) Ted "Fidel Castro is one helluva guy!" Turner's brainchild should be grateful for any and all viewers, whatever their motivation. Last week, according to Noyes expose', "CNN aired a piece of Communist Party propaganda about how Cuba could serve as 'a model for health care reform in the United States' "The CNN report included clips from Michael Moore's Sicko as CNN's Morgan Neill, on location in a Potemkin Havana hospital, gushed about Cuban healthcare's "impressive statistics." "Cuba's infant mortality rates" he reported, "are the lowest in the hemisphere, in line with those of Canada!" "Amazing!" probably gasped the type of person who watches CNN nowadays (Noyes gets a pass here.) "Perfect proof of "yes we can!" they probably...(Read Full Article)