Beware the Counterrevolution

The left is already telegraphing its strategy to discredit the town hall movement. Conservatives must wise up and use a little jiujitsu of our own.It is important to note from the start that the struggle between liberty and socialism will never end, at least not in our lifetimes.  If by chance it does, it will be because evil has triumphed.  As long as people are free to make their own choices, some of those choices will always be for self-destruction or slavery (moral masochism).  That is just the nature of human beings.  However, once the slavery of socialism is self-imposed through trickery or stealth, there are no more choices.  That is the weakness of a free people.  The weakness of socialism is that it cannot be revealed for what it truly is until it is too late to stop it.  Like all things evil, it cannot stand the light of day.The reason I say that the struggle will never end is that no matter how many times it is beaten back, the socialist...(Read Full Article)