At what point does a liberal become a Stalinist?

The first adjective that comes to mind for "liberal" may be "touchy-feely." The best adjective for a Stalinist might be "murderous." That's a pretty big difference. I would never want to mistake a well-meaning liberal for a nasty Stalinist. At the same time, I hope we don't fail to spot any Stalinists who might be looking for mischief and pretending to be liberals. Certainly the mainstream media aren't interested in the difference. The term "Stalinist" is historically justified by undeniable evidence, including testimony from thousands of former Stalin collaborators.   So this is not a question to take lightly, as long as we are careful to separate undeniable facts from mere allegations.  I've started to gently question the beliefs of the liberals I know, without getting into any loud argument. Much to my surprise, some of the gentle-sounding people I know actually talk murderously at times.  I wouldn't have believed it,...(Read Full Article)