Who's Out of Touch?

In the Canadian Ottawa Citizen David Warren reckons that US liberals are out of touch.  He says it all got started long ago when the afternoon newspapers started to fail and their predictably conservative views no longer balanced the liberal morning newspapers.  The result?[Liberals] have been freed, for more than a generation, from anything resembling serious public debate, and have thus got in the habit of proceeding with an infinitely extendible agenda (through the courts if there are legislative delays). The right has meanwhile got in the habit of feeling disenfranchised.That explains the outrage "at the very existence of Sarah Palin, not only by progressive Democrats but by urbane ‘establishment' Republicans[.]"But in the London Times Daniel Finkelstein thinks it's the US conservatives that are out of touch.  For him, the resignation of Gov. Palin shows that Republicans don't get it.There is no more eloquent statement of modern Republicanism than...(Read Full Article)