The Truth About Cops and Race

Last week, Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, a black man, was arrested by a white police officer for disorderly conduct. Gates accused the officer of racism. President Obama created a national media firestorm by commenting on the arrest, saying the cops "acted stupidly" and that the U.S. has a "long history" of "African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately, and that's just a fact." It's that old liberal stereotype once again - bigoted white cops picking on poor, innocent blacks, just like Selma, Ala. in 1963. Really? Perhaps Mr. Obama, who lives in a bubble, ought to get out into the real world and get his facts straight.The truth is quite the opposite: minority suspects are likely to kill or injure white officers at a rate much higher than the minority component of the overall population. This hit home for me twice this year, when two of my former students, both cops, were shot one week apart.On Jan. 31,...(Read Full Article)