The Slave Press

Why do we have Freedom of the Press?  Although this is usually combined with freedom of speech, the two are not the same at all.  Freedom of speech is the right of the individual.  Because oral communication is the most natural of human interactions, this freedom exists quite easily without any special government protection.  Spoken words, in most cases, are spontaneous and responsive.  Each healthy human has the power to speak and also to hear.  Even in the dreariest totalitarian regimes, a significant degree of freedom of speech exists.Freedom of the Press is something else completely.  It is the right to use economic power to reach an audience as wide as the world.  When we talk of the right of radio and television broadcasters to say what they please, we are really describing freedom of the press -- the right of publication of opinions, information, entertainment, and news to the world.  It is not a matter of personal liberty so much as...(Read Full Article)