The Main Stream Media's March Toward Irrelevance

Prudent information consumers quiescently acknowledge that the daily platter of world events often served us even by the best of media sources, consists of, at best, an incomplete diet. Unfortunately this diet has steadily become unhealthier and less adequate, given the curious mutation of today's Main Stream Media from what once (very long ago) was counted upon as a reliable source of information, into strictly a venue through which ideologies wage battle.This present scourge of shameless bias in the MSM tends to rear its ugly head whenever there is a frenzied immersion into a particular story -- and a conspicuous and unexplained dearth of interest and serious analysis of other stories, or sometimes different facets of the same story which arguably possess equal or greater import. A cursory review of the vast differences in treatment from the MSM between the Sarah Palin resignation and the Sotomayor hearings provides an eloquent sampling of this peculiar syndrome.Unfortunately an...(Read Full Article)