Sarah Palin -- All In

There is a point in tournament poker where one player doesn't have the chips to play out the next raise, but they have great cards, so they call "all in."  At that point, nobody can raise them and the hand gets played out -- either to a game changing win or a total loss for the person who made the call.  It appears Sarah Palin decided she and her family could no longer deal with the thousand cuts, so she is "all in."Palin may well decide to stay home and make macaroni and cheese for the kids, but history may not let her.  She has already established herself as a major player -- candidate or not.  More importantly, the wildly critical left has put her in a financial position where she has no choice but to speak out, perhaps do a book, and make the money she needs to pay legal bills for 15 unwarranted "ethics" investigations, all of which she handily won.  The legal bills remain.One doubts that when she speaks out, it will be about...(Read Full Article)