Private Schools for the Poor

When President Obama visited Ghana last week, he went to teach.  Africans could harness education "to create new wealth," said the president. "Yes you can."But what if Africa has something to teach the president about education?For decades we have taught Africa that it needs to copy the West's model of free, compulsory education. Everyone knows that he poor can't afford to pay for education.  And anyway, there are some parents who don't understand the importance of education.But now we know that what we knew just isn't true. In his new book, The Beautiful Tree:A personal journey into how the world's poorest people are educating themselves, James Tooley shows from his comprehensive research, that the Third World poor can teach us a lot about education.  Because in the Third World the poor are educating themselves, with their own money, in spite of a dysfunctional government education system, meddling regulators, and ideology-driven international...(Read Full Article)