Islam's Victimization of Iran

Some 1400 years ago, across the arid Arabian Peninsula roamed disparate savage tribes in a constant state of war with one another.  Acts of violence, pillage and slave trading were their way of life. Out of necessity and expediency, they refrained from active warfare for only one month a year-the month of Moharam (the forbidden month). Even during this lull in active warfare, the various tribes rearmed and prepared for the next eleven months of bloodletting. Violence of the worst kind and form was their way of life.Although the ongoing warfare inflicted great suffering and death, it remained the major means of livelihood for the survivors in the harsh desert that sustained little other than the hardy goats, desert-suited camels and the indispensable vehicles of war-horses.Violent death ruled. The victor had a reprieve for a time ‘til he became the victim.Then there was a new summons. An orphan from the tribe of Quraish by the name of Muhammad, the son of the late Abdullah,...(Read Full Article)