Healthcare Policy, Social Justice and Thugs

Policy Makers say the only way to achieve social justice is to deliver an equal and adequate amount of health care, directed by a well motivated government central plan. No more crude private system, flawed, uneven, and unfair.  I have a day job as a physician.  A great job, a wonderful job, better because I do it in the emergency department at a very big army base, so I can thank soldiers and retired soldiers for their service.  I also get to teach, and emergency medicine is a great niche for a physician suited to it.I did my internship at Harlem Hospital in New York, then was a solo general practitioner in a little Nebraska town, followed by a great variety of practice situations in places big and little. I was a student when Medicare started, knew Medicaid in its early years as a ghetto practitioner, ran an HMO in 1980 and 81 as CEO and Medical Director in the early days of managed care, after I finished law school.My theory or hope (actually, my illusion) was that...(Read Full Article)