From Russia -- Without Love

President Obama's recent trip to Russia contrasts sharply with Ronald Reagan's 1988 visit to Moscow. President Reagan reached out to the Russian people, too. He gave the first nationally televised speech ever delivered-uncensored-to the peoples of Russia.Reagan made a point of speaking of religious freedom and invoking God's blessing on the Russian people. Like Obama, Reagan also spoke to elite students. But unlike Obama, Reagan made a point of telling students at Moscow State University in the most civil terms why despotism was wrong. The Information Age then in its dawn was physically based, he told the sons and daughters of the Communist Party's nomenklatura, on the silicon dioxide chip. This chip is the same material substance as sand. But, Reagan emphasized, in order for the computer revolution to succeed, there must be freedom. His bright listeners could read between the lines. He was telling them Marxism was wrong, that Communism was a failure. He was saying you cannot compete...(Read Full Article)