For the Children

Hey kids.  I know you're not all that interested in politics, and you don't like to read too much.  But, God bless you, you vote.  That's understandable.  It's hip to vote.  P. Diddy urges you to do it.  Most of the doors in your college dorm are adorned with Obama posters and news clippings.  In 2008, the 18-29 age group voted 2-to-1 for Obama.  And your college campus went wild the night he won.But before you vote again, please consider reading the rest of this article.  I'll try to make clear points and keep the paragraphs short.  It's OK to listen to your iPod while you read.Politics is actually kind of important.  There are about 200 countries in the world; 200 different governments.  In some countries, like North Korea, people have died by the millions due to starvation in just the last few years.  In others, like the Congo, Sudan, Rwanda and others, people have died by the millions due to civil war or mass murder...(Read Full Article)