Extorting Big Oil

On the surface, it has all the makings of a classic David vs. Goliath tale -- an ostensibly exploitative multinational oil company plundering the pristine rain forests of impoverished, indigenous inhabitants.  The $27 billion lawsuit against the Chevron Corporation was brought by a group of U.S. trial lawyers working in conjunction with the Amazon Defense Coalition (ADC) claiming to represent 30,000 Ecuadorians alleging environmental damage and cancer deaths caused by toxic-waste dumping from oil drilling.  It represents the largest damages claim ever sought in an environmental case to date.However, closer scrutiny of the lawsuit, including an evaluation of an allegedly independent investigation and the tendentious posture of the Ecuadoran court and president reveals a well-orchestrated smear campaign with false and misleading evidence and corruption at the highest levels of government in an attempt to pry money from an American oil company with deep pockets.The lawsuit has...(Read Full Article)