Black Market Judicial Philosophy

Some called it a confirmation conversion. At times during her confirmation hearings, Judge Sotomayor sounded as if she could have been Chief Justice John Roberts' sister.Obama advisor David Axelrod said on May 26 shortly after the Sotomayor nomination was announced that Obama picked her because he "wanted someone whose philosophy of judging was his." President Obama said, among other obscurities about a more activist judiciary, he wanted judges with "empathy." We've already learned Mr. Obama's euphemisms, such as "hope and change," mean more government.What President who appoints czars, fires CEOs, and wants the federal government insinuated into ever corner of the economy -- because he cares about you -- wouldn't want judges who share his philosophy, right?But something happened. In what appears to have been an historic first, a Supreme Court nominee expressly rejected the underlying judicial criteria of her presidential sponsor. (You probably didn't...(Read Full Article)