Bias you can BET on

While flipping through the channels with my remote, I stopped on the movie, "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" on BET (Black Entertainment Television). Excellent movie. During a commercial break, they gave a news update. An announcer said, "They tried to get the Bronx kid, Sonia Sotomayor, but she beat them". There was not one mention of Sotomayor's controversial racist statements. Thus, black viewers who don't follow the news closely are led to conclude that those "evil racist white republicans" are at it again trying to block a person of color. I wonder how BET reported the Democrats' trashing of black, Clarence Thomas and Hispanic, Alberto Gonzalez? Well, those two traitors deserved to be trashed. How dare they prosper without Affirmative Action and lowered standards contradicting the democrat's victim-hood rhetoric. Education, hard work and character? Heck No! We can not allow such a conservative message to influence black youths. These Uncle Toms must be...(Read Full Article)