Who Has Lost Their Way?

In the first five months of his presidency, Obama has traveled the world apologizing for the transgressions of America committed by the 43 previous administrations.  He has used terms such as we "went off course," "lost our way," and "made mistakes." In the most recent leg of the never-ending apology tour, Obama addressed the Muslim World with one of the wordiest requests for forgiveness offered to date.All of this under normal circumstances would be quite disturbing. But coming less than a decade after the atrocities of 9/11, these statements about America's sins against the Muslim world are alarming to hear from the mouth of the POTUS. When pondering the accusation about who exactly has lost their way, one has to wonder what people were thinking when pulling the lever for a man whose middle name is Hussein, who descended from Muslims, lived and went to school in Indonesia, sat in the pews of, and befriended, an America-hating pastor, hung out with...(Read Full Article)