The Nature of the Scorpions in the Mideast

As I read the news and analysis surrounding Obama's recent meetings with the Israeli Prime Minister and Palestinian Authority President, I am reminded of the insights of Si Frumkin, a Holocaust survivor who recently passed away.Mr. Frumkin wrote an article originally published in 2005 just after Israel ceded the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians. In his article, Mr. Frumkin explained the meaning of the word, Schadenfreude, which he defined as "malicious satisfaction in the misfortunes of others." He shared that, ironically, he was able to enjoy Schadenfreude upon the ceding of Gaza to the Palestinian people.When the Israeli citizens withdrew from Gaza, they left behind state-of-the-art greenhouses worth millions of dollars. A group of wealthy American Jews decided that it would be a mitzvah to buy the greenhouses from Israel and leave them for the Palestinians as "the cornerstone of the Palestinian economy." Those American Jews not only had their hearts in the right...(Read Full Article)