The Greatest Problem of the Mainstream Media

The media -- newspapers, magazines, book publishing, radio, television, and film -- have never at any point in the history of our nation been impartial.  Newspapers were once the whole heart and substance of our media.  They provided news, opinion, entertainment, advice, humor, advertisements and information.  Newspapers were often unabashed partisans. Some of that lingers on to this day.  Consider the names of these Arkansas newspapers still very much in print:  The Arkansas Democrat- Gazette, Natchez Democrat, Greenwood Democrat, Clay County Democrat, Trumann Democrat and Lonoke Democrat.   Aside from Arkansas, twenty-one other states have general circulation "Democrat" newspapers:  Mississippi, Indiana, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Colorado, Oregon, California, Oklahoma, Iowa, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, New Hampshire, Maine, and New Jersey, and fourteen states have general circulation...(Read Full Article)