The Case for Iran: Fighting for Freedom

Many people (including Barack Obama) have pointed out that Mir Hussein Mousavi, the defeated presidential candidate and a key figure in the Iranian protests, is scarcely different from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. After his numerous overtures to the mullahs, it is not hard to know why Obama is hoping the opposition will be crushed. But there are signs that many of the Iranian protesters are not fighting for Mir Hussein Mousavi. Mousavi is an Islamic Republic establishment hack. Are people in Iran dying for more of the same thing they have been getting from the Islamic Republic for thirty years?I do not believe for one moment that the resistance to the Iranian regime that the world has witnessed, with young people risking torture and death, has been about installing Mousavi as President. The Iranians were given four choices; it was not as if they could write in Ronald Reagan's name. They went with what they had. Mousavi was the "reform" candidate, and that was what they voted for --...(Read Full Article)