Republicans and Battered Spouses

The Republican Party looks battered. Ask any member of the liberal media, and they will tell you that the bruises are showing.Maybe they are right. Republican office holders are the battered spouses of American politics. It is time for an intervention.If we are to understand the root cause of the difficulties now faced by the Republican Party, our current Republican leaders should each look in the mirror and ask themselves the following questions:Do you feel nervous when you're around a liberal?Are you scared of disagreeing with liberals?Do you remain silent in front of a liberal because you want them to like you?Do you try to please a liberal, only to be rebuked for your efforts?Do liberals criticize you, or humiliate you in front of other people?Do you have to control your behavior or your language to avoid their anger and ridicule?Do you feel pressured by them to participate in activities you find offensive?Do liberals mock you when your express profoundly held beliefs about...(Read Full Article)