Our Truest, Coolest, Sexiest Patriots

Things are not going as planned for the Obama administration. The millions of new jobs President Obama guaranteed have not materialized. Furthermore, the gazillion dollars of "stimulus money" Congress gave the President as a gift to spend however his fancy leads him somehow isn't actually finding its way into the economy. New York Times columnist Paul Krugman says the problem is we aren't spending ever more money that we don't have. Obviously we need more money. But where are we going to get it?I think I know.Forbes just published its list of the 100 "most powerful" (not necessarily the richest) entertainers (actors, musicians, athletes, television hosts, etc.). If we take, umm I meant "invest," all the money they earn this year we'll have $4,110,000,000 to "spread around", in candidate Obama's words to Joe the Plumber.After careful and extensive research at the newsstand, I've concluded that if we took the...(Read Full Article)