Obama's Attack on Achievers and Individual Rights

Recently, I thought of two Hall of Fame baseball players, Baltimore Orioles', Frank Robinson and Cal Ripken Jr. On several occasions, I witnessed Robinson, bottom of the ninth with two outs, dramatically hitting the game winning home run. Most players may hit the game winner once in their careers. With great pride, they repeatedly tell the tale to their grandkids. Incredibly, Frank Robinson hit the "big one" numerous times. Cal Ripken Jr holds the record for going 2,632 games without missing a day at work. But Cal is beloved for more than his dependability. He was an excellent quiet player beaming with character. When Cal announced his retirement, there was much fanfare and worldwide media surrounding his final game. The night of the game, astonishingly, Cal hit two home runs. The crowd and both teams cheered wildly for Cal. Extremely moved, Cal spontaneously jogged around the stadium. Then, the crowd really went nuts. Had this perfect scenario happened in a movie, people...(Read Full Article)