Not a Theocracy but a Thugocracy

The last eight years well intentioned people of different political beliefs, different religious faiths, and different cultural perspectives have been quietly asking themselves some vital questions.  Is Islam a religion of peace?  Is the goal of Islam violent global conquest or rather the persuasion of non-Moslems that Islam is the true religion?  There are many good Moslems in our world, but is that because of Islam or in spite of Islam?These questions will be answered in Iran.  There is no question (or there should not be) that the Iranian people -- actually, the different peoples of the nation of Iran, which includes Arabs, Kurds, Baluchi, and other groups, as well as Persians -- are not bad human beings.  Before the mullahs, religious minorities like Jews, Zoroastrians, Christians, and Ba'hai lived in relative toleration under the Shah, and the Shah was a Moslem and a Persian.The revolution thirty years ago which threw out the Shah, who had focused on the...(Read Full Article)