Mutual Of Obama's Wild Kingdom

What's in a pecking order? More than you might wish to believe, especially considering President Obama's speech in Cairo yesterday.The animal kingdom is full of lessons for humans. We must learn from our fellow creatures. 20th Century zoologist Thorleif Schjelderup-Ebbe, through his study of poultry, learned how chickens related to each other. The Norwegian scientist observed that the most dominant bird could peck upon the head of another without fear.  Number 2 could do the same, but never to number 1. Number 3 chicken followed the same pattern, and so on down the line. This pecking order insight, by Mr. Schelderup-Ebbe, provided a psychological understanding into the behavior of animal packs, humans, governments, and nations.Nature has her reasons for pecking orders within a species and providing sadistic abuse privilege is not one of them. The pecking order, instead, is intended to provide stability and a sense of safety within the hierarchy community.Nations have pecking...(Read Full Article)